If you have access to the camping, you can use all facilities you like. We have showers, toilets, BBQ areas, foodtrucks, bars, lockers and of course the awesome afterparties. Full Circus Experience & Full Circus Experience VIP tickets include access to the camping area. Daywalkers can buy a separate Camping Only ticket.

Camper Upgrade

For the luxury camping lovers!

Bring your own home on wheels and camp like a pro. We have a limited number of camper spots, provided with electricity. So park your camper and enjoy the festival in full comfort. Caravans are welcome as well!

  • Arrival: obligated on Friday between 16h00 and 22h00
  • Departure: obligated on Monday between 7h00 and 12h00

The campsite is only accessible with a Full Circus Experience, Full Circus Experience VIP or Camping Only ticket.

Private Group Area

Did you gather your festival squad already?

Small (5 to 8 people) or larger (8 to 15 people) groups can get their own private area. Your intimate, fenced camp for you and your friends. Included:

  • A private area
  • A private dixi toilet
  • Electricity (don’t forget your phone charger!)
  • Private BBQ
  • Picnic table

The campsite is only accessible with a Full Circus Experience, Full Circus Experience VIP or Camping Only ticket.


Ready-made Camping Tents and Gear!

Forget about the hassle at the car park, dragging your camping gear to the entrance, the fight with your tricky tent, … Just bring your ‘festival essentials’ and enjoy by booking a FestiTent!

FestiTent rents ready-made camping tents and gear at your favourite festivals. Choose between 1, 2 or 4 people packages online and we will take care of the rest. We will put everything ready so you can start your amazing weekend at Cirque Magique.

FestiTents are on sale at festitent.com/cirque-magique.

Each resident still needs a valid Full Circus Experience,Full Circus Experience VIP or Camping Only Ticket to enter the campsite.


A solid roof over your head? Sleeping in an actual bed? At a festival? Yes we can! 

Cirque Magique offers wooden FESTIHUTS for 2 – 4 people at our campsite. This includes pillows + cases, sheets, wardrobe, table + chairs + lantern. What better way to experience your 3 day extravaganza? Book your FESTIHUT now but take into account that they are limited. Don’t forget to book your camping tickets on top if you haven’t got a FULL CIRCUS EXPERIENCE ticket.

Additional Regulations for Caravans & Campers

The campsite is only accessible with a Full Circus Experience, Full Circus Experience VIP or Camping Only ticket.

Camper/Caravan area can only be reached on Friday the 2th of August between 16h00 and 22h00. At 22h00 the entrance gate closes and campers/caravans are no longer allowed even though having a valid voucher.

A caravan/camper pitch is maximum 18m2 (6m x 3m). If your vehicle/set-up is wider and/or longer than 18m2 (6m x 3m) please contact our organization by mail. Placing a tent near your caravan/camper is allowed as long as you remain within your assigned section of 3m x 6m.

Only vehicles who are actually registered as “camping vehicle” are allowed. No temporarily converted vehicles (example: a van with a mattress). Cars are not permitted on the premises. You are allowed to place your caravan on your assigned section but you must park the car on the camping parking afterwards.

The general camping regulations also apply to the caravan and camper areas. No sound systems allowed, no gas, no excessive amount of alcohol, no glass, no fireworks, no sofas, no bikes, etc.

Forbidden on the campsite

  • Cars, bikes and trailers
  • Shopping carts (only wheelbarrows and trolleys that fit through the gates are allowed)
  • Glass or other sharp objects (including glass jars with food)
  • Draft beer installations (of any kind)
  • Gas cylinders (only the smallest size of max. 250g is allowed)
  • Sound Equipment
  • Dry ice
  • Open fire between the tents (barbecue or small gas fires can only be used at the barbecue areas)
  • Aggregates, car batteries, power groups or generators
  • Pets except guide dogs for people with visual disabilities
  • Drugs or other narcotic substances or substances that could be used as drugs
  • Weapons or items that could be used as a weapon
  • Climbing and/or destruction of fences and/or other facilities or infrastructures
  • Graffiti, confetti, party poppers, etc.
  • Clothing that can be provocative and fluorescent jackets
  • Trade in goods of any kind without permission from Cirque Magique
  • Being under the influence of or selling any kind of drugs
  • Barricading emergency exit
  • Distributing promotion materials and propaganda (flyers, posters, banners, …)
  • Any form of verbal and non-verbal aggression