Pay everything with ‘Magic Coins’, the official currency at Cirque Magique!Together with our partner PlayPass, we’re going cashless again. All food, drinks and other merchandise can only be paid with Magic Coins. When arriving at Cirque Magique, you’ll first go to the linking zone. There you can exchange your e-ticket for your wristband. 

New to the cashless system? We made a little instruction video to help you out. Questions? Mail us at


Create your virtual wallet in advance and pre-load (or ‘top-up’) your wristband with Magic Coins. This will save you time when arriving at Cirque Magique!

If you top-up before the festival, you’ll get a special bonus. For every top-up above €50, you’ll get an additional 10% bonus!

If you didn’t create a virtual wallet in advance, just go to any charging station at the festival to top-up your wristband.

Top-up now!


If you haven’t spent all your Magic Coins at the festival, no worries… Follow these steps:

  • Don’t throw away your bracelet, you will need the code for your refund
  • Refunds can be requested from Wednesday 7th of August 2019 until Wednesday 21st of August 2019 (23:55)
  • A Refund fee of 2 Magic Coins will be charged
  • Refunds will be transferred to your bank account by the end of August